CleanCU is an antimicrobial copper plastic brand
that creates clean environment and healthy everyday life.

An antimicrobial plastic material that contains antimicrobial copper, which is the one
and only “antimicrobial substance for touch surface” certified by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

We are exposed to various pathogens, super bacteria, viruses
and fungi that constantly threaten clean environment and healthy life.

Cooper has strong natural antimicrobial effects, but there are limits in spreading its antimicrobial base in everyday life due to high prices and limited formability.

Accordingly, CleanCU has developed a new antimicrobial copper plastic material that embodies the same antimicrobial effect of copper in plastic, leading the efforts to achieve antimicrobial management in daily life.


Instead of using copper with is difficult to be applied to products due to expensive prices and limited formability, CleanCU developed the first plastic material for antimicrobial copper that attains 99.9% of antimicrobial power shown by antimicrobial copper products. This plastic material can be mass produced into diverse products at a reasonable price.

K Copper Plus

CleanCU, an antimicrobial-based company, has been proven to have the anti-corona 19 virus effect with its own film K COPPER PLUS. In this regard, the Institute of Virus Diseases at Korea University’s College of Medicine said, “If clean seed oil antimicrobial film is used in areas where corona 19 infectious diseases are prevalent, it can contribute to preventing the spread of infectious diseases.”

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