Anti Germ Life Style CleanCU

Antibacterial, starting with lifestyle

Most powerful and non-toxic, human-friendly as a natural material
It’s an antibacterial material.

Anti Germ Life Style CleanCU

Antimicrobial, starting with lifestyle.

Made from clean seed oil antimicrobial raw materials, films and products are made with the strongest antimicrobial copper corresponding to bacteria and are optimized for environments where bacteria can multiply a lot of bacteria.

Copper is…

Copper from nature
bacteria, fungi, viruses, etc.
Anion is generated to stop the infection.

In copper alloys with copper content of more than 60% or more, antimicrobial
It is called “antimicrobial copper” due to natural nature.

it acts on bacteria and viruses such as E. coli and food poisoning bacteria, which are contagious
It is very effective in preventing diseases and cross-infection.

The most powerful and non-toxic human-friendly material as a natural material
It is an antibacterial material.

Copper X Plastic


Antimicrobial copper technology

The technology was recognized for its patented technology and over 100 test reports.

Features of antimicrobial plastic

Antimicrobial plastic is evenly distributed inside the polymer, so the antimicrobial activity is maintained even if it is wounded on the surface of the product.

Antimicrobial copper raw materials

Based on the source technology, raw materials are produced to maintain antimicrobial power, and the implementation of finished products in various forms such as injection and extrusion is possible.

Antimicrobial copper film

A variety of films such as TPU, PP and PE offer adhesive, non-adhesive film products to meet the situation of the use.

Antimicrobial copper products

Copper collected from nature produces anions that prevent the reproduction and infection of bacteria, fungi, viruses, and other harmful bacteria in the human body.