Antimicrobial, starting with lifestyle,

Most powerful and non-toxic,
Human-friendly as a natural material
It’s an antibacterial material.

Corporate philosophy

Everyone can feel safe.
10 years of slow pace.

Through the development of 10 years of antimicrobial raw materials, clean sea oil
A solid and seamless consortium
100 antimicrobial test reports,
Products produced based on raw materials
we are constantly developing.

C.I About

C. I Basic

Copper Color

Clean Blue

Nature Green

The orange icon has a copper antimicrobial copper, and the blue and green colors are clear
A three-color square icon for a world that expresses the green nature and makes it into an antibacterial copper.
Created in two types of imaged brand identities, they are used for their application.

Management philosophy


Premium antimicrobial technology company leading environmental hygiene from invisible threats

CleanCu’s vision is to lead the highest
Antimicrobial from unseen threats in daily life.


Clean environment, healthy daily life and happy people

CleanCu exists to build the unparalleled hygienic
Products that keep your environment healthy and to
Contribute to the popularization of antimicrobial goods.


Constant challenges, pioneering creation, and continuous contribution

Unceasing Challenge / Pioneering Creation Abiding Contribution

B.I About


Antimicrobial plastic products. More than 10 years of research
Product planning, manufacturing, and distribution based on antimicrobial copper source technology based on raw materials to living environment
We have a powerful business model.