Various fields that are realized by the source technology

raw materials, film, injection, extrusion

Discover the technology of CleanCU.

Most powerful and non-toxic,
Human-friendly as a natural material
It’s an antibacterial material.

Antimicrobial copper film

TPU, PP, PE, etc.
We offer adhesive, non-adhesive film products to suit your situation.

Antimicrobial film utilization


Antimicrobial copper film


Household goods

Dust/Defense Supplies

Baby products


Construction Case: 2020 KLPGA Championship

1. Caddy and pan 2. Game props 3. Player’s Table 4. Elevator 5. Automatic door button

Antibacterial copper shrink age tube

This product is used with heat and
It is easy to land and supports door knobs, pens, tools easily.

Can be grafted into a variety of environments in a variety of sizes