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raw materials, film, injection, extrusion

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Most powerful and non-toxic,
Human-friendly as a natural material
It’s an antibacterial material.

Antimicrobial copper raw materials

Antimicrobial plastic raw materials



Clean seed oil antimicrobial plastic raw materials are made of the strongest antimicrobial copper that responds to bacteria.
In an environment that is made to have semi-permanent antimicrobial and antiseptic properties, it can breed a lot of bacteria
It is optimized.

Comparative analysis of general antimicrobial sagus and antimicrobial plastics


The only antimicrobial plastic material that can contain bacteria and fungi

Sustained antimicrobial properties

Semi-permanent 99.9% antimicrobial activity of antimicrobial motion is implemented in plastics


Leading the popularization of antimicrobial plastic products at reasonable and economical prices

Antimicrobial plastic

The development of antimicrobial plastic s

Secure business freedom by producing patented technology, FDA standards and raw materials based on source technology

Antimicrobial copper raw materials


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