Various fields that are realized by the source technology

raw materials, film, injection, extrusion

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Most powerful and non-toxic,
Human-friendly as a natural material
It’s an antibacterial material.

Antimicrobial copper source technology

In copper alloys with copper content of more than 60% or more, antimicrobial
It occurs naturally and has been named “antimicrobial copper”.
it acts on bacteria and viruses such as E. coli and food poisoning bacteria, which are contagious
It is very effective in preventing diseases and cross-infection.
The most powerful and non-toxic human-friendly material as a natural material
It is an antibacterial material.

Antimicrobial technology patent and trademark registration

Green Technology Certificate

Green product certificate

FDA Food Container Standard Test Report


cell phone cases, films, aprons,
Mat, elevator button doorknob, etc.
Durable and abrasion-resistant
It is a powerful raw material.


Extrusion and injection products such as films, containers, etc.
It is mainuse and everyday necessities
It is a widely used raw material.


Mainly used in films, sheets, etc.
Desk mats, pouch-shaped bags, etc.
It is a popular raw material.


Food containers, air conditioner filters, stationery, etc.
Injection products that are widely used in everyday life
It is the right raw material.


It is the right raw material for injection products.
Close to life in food containers, office supplies, etc.
It is a raw material that is integrated into a wide range of products.